Studying the Woman in Revelation 12

And he (Jesus) said unto them, Unto you (and me) it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without (insight/understanding), all these things are done in parables: (Mark 4:11)


And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: (Revelation 12:1)

 It is so important to understand why this Woman was appearing to put into context the timing of the revealing. Why is this Woman appearing, why was she not seen? Because if she is appearing that means for a season she was hidden. The way she appeared and why she appeared is so important to the timing and events of the rest of the chapter.

Womangune (1135 grk)-  Ginomai (1096 grk) – this is the wife or bride (of Christ) who is coming or transitioning into- or where something comes to pass – the same force of the coming into an office or institution – came to be – used like when a miracle comes to pass the transition from the faith to the actual promise being fulfilled – to appear in history – to come on stage

In the case of the bride of Christ she is called the bride of Christ but from the point of being born again she is in transition, moving toward the fullness of the promise

She Appeared in heaven. Seated with Christ in heavenly places there she appears communing with the Father and all that is in heaven she is accessing. The Greek word for appeared is Optanomai(3700 grk) which means to be seen, behold  which means this is not a typical gaze, it is not voluntary,  it is not casual or curious or mechanical – it is an intense, inspection and it is a continued inspection from a distance.

Why would anyone want to inspect the Bride of Christ, why was there this intense gaze and looking into , so much so that she was now on stage, seen by everyone, no more in secret, not hidden

The woman appeared as a Great Wonder. The Greek word for Great  is megas (3173 grk) – which means strong, mighty, full of authority, virtue, importance, pre-eminent in blessing from God, highly esteemed, excellent, prepared on a grand scale, a coming of age, powerful that effects the senses, effects the emotions, great effort, great in space, height or quantity, proud, arrogant, derogatory to God

This presents an interesting view point because it would give cause for her to be overtaken by the evil powers of the anti christ.

The Greek definition for Great is similar to megistos (3176 grk) –( syn) which means exceeding great, magnificent and meizon (3187 grk) – (syn) which means elder, greater, greatest, more. So we can see this is an extrodinary great.

The verse declares she is a Great Wonder which is the Greek word semeion (4592 grk) which means this is a sign that something remarkable is about to happen and an event, this would be how men prove they are pleading God’s cause and it is similar to (syn) miracle, distinguishing mark, sign, token. It also comes from the Greek word Semaino (4591 grk)to make known, to signify, to indicate, and is similar to the greek word that means (syn)communicate.

She is a woman clothed which is the Greek word periballo (4016 grk) –which means  to put around, wrap around, like garments, to put a thing on, to clothe one self, to invest with a palisade (like a bank around a city) or clothing

from peri (4012 grk) – around with respect to place, time or occasion, on account of, because of, with the accusative of locality, matter, circuit, circumstance (in comparison to) excess, beyond

from peran (4008 grk) – beyond – on the other side (syn) cross, over, other side, which comes from “to pierce

Clothed with the Sun which can be inferred as those who are elect, chosen, separated, set apart.

We can interpret  this from the Greek word Sun – haireomai (138 grk) to take for oneself, prefer, choose, elect to office, this word comes from (deriv) several Greek words and some translate;  to choose, to separate to divide, distribute, to tear out, to deliver, to release, pluck out, rescue, to take away that which surrounds prefer, propose, intend, purpose  and is similar to the Greek word (syn) eklegomai (1586 grk)which means to choose out, elect,  and epilegomai (1951 grk) –which means prefer, intend, purpose.

This word sun has what appears as an authority when we interpret that word in context Akin to airo (142 grk)to raise up, elevate, life, take oneself and carry off what has been raised up, to take from the living by natural death or by violence, to appropriate what is taken, to take away what is committed by force, to remove take off what is attached, cause to cease

The Moon under her feet. The authority is further described in this position of under her feet.

Moon –Selene (4582 grk) selas brilliancy – (an alternative of (138) taking for oneself, to choose, prefer) through the idea of attractiveness – moon.

Under – hupokato (5270 grk)- underneath, beneath, soles, From kato (2736grk) – down below, temporal succession, downwards and From hupo (5259 grk) – by under

Often when we see “under feet” we think it’s some type of dominion ruling and power play but actually having the position of authority is not abuse in the right sense it is actually and more commonly in this example a position where the world would learn from her. They are her disciples, saved or not she holds the power, the wisdom and the authority to train and mentor the world. If they are willing to give her that place of authority than they will benefit greatly opening up the vast treasures of heaven.

God is not stingy, He doesn’t withhold the goodness from the world but the authority to dispense to the world should be in the hands of those who are hearing heaven and His conduit of the wisdom to know what to do and when to do it. We can see this when we put it all together with the Greek word for feet.

Feet – pous (4228 grk) ­foot, men and beast, one put his foot on vanquished, of disciples listening to their teacher’s instructions are said to be at his feet- literally footstool

Next we look at her authority. Who has authority over the woman?

Upon her head. The head is known throughout scripture to signify covering, authority.

Upon Epi (1909 grk) upon, before, position, over, against and when translated with similar words such as (syn) among, around, because, beyond, certainly, concerning, charge, embraced, extent, further, inasmuch, onto, upon, passenger, point, time, together, truly, under, view, within  we can see the authority is not just over but together, passenger, among, around – too often we see this “over” as overbearing and carrying a big thick stick ready to beat into submission – this is not at all the case….authority is partnership – working together

Head kephale (2776 grk) ­in the sense of seizing, the loss of this destroys life, master, lord, , the supreme, chief, prominent, again we can see that this authority brings protection has more power and more knowledge on everything there would be no need to look elsewhere.

Some examples of this are in the following examples:

of Christ the Lord of the Church (Eph 1:22, 4:15, 5:23, Col 1:18, 2:10, 19)

of God in relation to christ (1 Co 11:3)

the corner stone, chief corner (Mt21:42, Mk 12:10, lu20:17, Ac 4:11, 2Pe2:7)

figuratively one whom others are subordinate like the husband in relation to wife (1 Co 11:3, Eph 5:23)

the root word comes from the following (deriv) apokephalizo (607grk) to decapitate, behead, which could mean removes the previous authority over us  perikephalaia (4030grk)helmet which can maybe mean brings protection

A similar word in context is (syn) hegemon (2232grk) leader, ruler

And on her head is a Crown. This is a more common word to us signifying the right to rule, and an outward sign of that authority.

crown stephanos(4735 grk) – a mark of royal , exalted rank, (Rev 6:2, 12:1, 14:14)

ascribed to the saints in heaven elsewhere called kings (Rev 4:4,10)

crown of thorns set on Christ in derision  as king of the Jews (Mt 27:29, Mk 15:17, Jn 19:2, 5)

wreath or garland given as a prize to victors in public games, an ornament and honor to one

figurative of eternal life, (2 Tim 4:8, Jas 1:12, 1Pet 5:4, Rev2:10, 3:11)

metaphorically the eternal blessedness which will be given as a prize to the genuine servants of god and Christ :the crown(wreath) is the reward of righteousness

We can tell that whatever the 12 stars are they give her authority to execute and rule and it can be seen, it is considered her reward. Perhaps it is directly tied to the Sun and that righteousness that clothes her through those who she is invested in and who are set apart.

and upon her head a crown of Twelve stars

The Greek word for twelve is Dodeka (1427 grk) and there are a few places in the book of Revelation where the same word twelve is translated:

Rev 7:5-8  tribe of (all 12 tribes) sealed twelve thousand

Rev 12:1 crown of twelve stars

Rev 21:12 twelve gates and twelve angels, twelve tribes

Rev 21:14 twelve foundations and twelve apostles

Rev 21:16 he measured the city – twelve thousand furlongs

Rev 21:21 twelve gates and twelve pearls

Rev 22:2 the tree of life which bare twelve manner of fruits

We also see the same word translated twelve in the book of Matthew 19:28 twelve thrones judging twelve tribes of Israel

These twelve  thrones of judges appear to be connected perhaps because they are seated in the heavens where she is receiving her orders, her instruction, her leadership.

and upon her hand a crown of twelve Stars (Revelation 12:1)

That word translates Aster(792grk)meaning star  and it comes from stronnumi(4766grk) which means to spread, furnish, to spread with couches and divans, and translated elsewhere similar to (syn) furnish, make one’s bed, spread, straw, furnished, make bed, spread, spreading  which leads us to believe they are resting or in a place where there is rest or cover a place of rest

There is a place in Daniel 12 where we see that the wise – the ones with all the wisdom shine bright like stars, is it possible the judges seated on the twelve thrones are described as stars?

And they that are wise will shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. (Daniel 12:3)


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